Unit: OTHER RGT(?)
Date of Death:

Although the name is inscribed on two local War memorials – Heaton Moor and Stockport – nothing has been discovered which would positively identify the man. The inscription on the Stockport Memorial is amongst the list of those who served with “other regiments” –usually a county regiment from outside the north west.

Family history websites record that a John Birch Crompton was born in the Heaton Norris area in the late summer of 1882 and this is probably the future soldier. All men who served abroad were entitled to campaign medals and these records have been examined online at the National Archives website. There is no record of a John Birch Crompton serving overseas although, of course, he may be listed amongst the many shown as just John. It is also possible that all of his military service was in the UK or Ireland.

Similarly, none of the men listed by the War Graves Commission appear to have any obvious local connection and it would seem that Crompton’s identity will remain a mystery.

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