Reginald Stanley WHITE
Rank: Private
Number: 302158
Unit: 2/8th Battalion MANCHESTER REGIMENT
Date of Death: 3 June 1917
Age: 19
Cemetery: Sailly-Labourse Communal Cemetery Extension, Pas de Calais, France

When the 1901 Census was taken, the White family was living at 3 Crosby Street, Cale Green. 50 year old Henry White was a travelling salesman dealing in silk goods, as was his eldest son, William. Henry and his wife, May, had seven children of whom Reginald was the youngest, then 3. His job provided a comfortable middle class lifestyle including enabling them to employ a live-in housemaid, 27 year old Alice Kent.

By the time of the Great War, the family had moved to 2 Gladstone Grove, Heaton Moor. Nothing else is known about Reginald's life but he will have been conscripted into the army when became 18. It is also most probable that he was an original member of the 2/8 Battalion which went overseas on active service in March 1917, after spending several months in training at Crowborough.

At the end of May, Reginald and his comrades started another tour of duty in the trenches near the French village of Noyelles-les-Vermelles (approximately 10 kilometres east of the town of Bethune). It would be relatively quiet time with no major attacks, raids or other incidents. There was, of course, the constant danger from snipers and, more usually, enemy shelling.  On the 3rd, "B" Company relieved "D" Company in the front line. The times of reliefs were often roughly known to the enemy and it was favourite time for shelling, hoping to catch troops away from the relative safety of their dug-outs. It was no exception on this day and there were nine casualties - Reginald was one of the three killed.

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