Rank: Private
Number: 1311
Unit: 1/6th Battalion MANCHESTER REGIMENT
Date of Death: 30 June 1915
Cemetery: Helles Memorial, Turkey

Nothing is known of Harry's life except that Regimental records published after the War indicate he had been born in Bradford, Yorkshire and was living in Heaton Moor when War was declared. His service number is low and certainly dates his joining the 6th (Territorial) Battalion to some years before the War. He will have been mobilised on 4 August 1914, going overseas a month later. The Battalion then spent seven months in Egypt and an account of this time is here.

At the beginning of May 1915, Harry and his comrades left Egypt to go into action at Gallipoli. He survived the attack on 4 June which was later officially designated as the Third Battle of Krithia. He will have lost many friends and neighbours on that day.

Afterwards, the Battalion spent several days away from the fighting on the nearby Greek island of Imbros where they reorganised and received some replacement troops. On the 22nd, they returned to the peninsula and went back into the front line in the Krithia Nullah sector on the 27th, relieving a battalion of the Kings Own Scottish Borderers. The Battalion's War Diary indicates that, in comparison with the early part of the month, this was a relatively quiet time. The entry for the 29th commences "Fairly quiet except for bombing". Bombs were what we would know today as grenades and it is unclear if the diary writer is indicating that it was the British or the Turks who were busy throwing them. Perhaps it was both.  It also notes that Company Sergeant Major Hay was wounded "in both wrists throwing out a bomb from the bomb pit". There's no indication if this was a Turkish grenade that had landed in the trench or a British one that had exploded prematurely. In any event, three other men, including Harry, were wounded. It must be presumed that he died very shortly afterwards as official records show him to have been "killed in action". Had he reached medical attention and then died it would have been recorded as "died of wounds".

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